Welcome to our website of the unique International Agility competition for handicapped participants, which will take place on the 25th-26th of May in the area of the Pod Lipou sports club in Roudnice nad Labem under the auspices of the Ústí Region Governor Ing. Jan Schiller.

Wonderful courses will be prepared for you and your great performances will be judged by experienced Czech judge Alice Boháčová.

You are probably wondering how the IPAO race was created

The author of the idea is Jitka Krejcárková, who has personal experience from many agility competitions for non-disabled participants. She decided to organize a competition for disabled dog handlers only. They can participate in international competitions, but the nature of their disability and the size category of their dogs are not taken into account.

The very possibility of participating in a disability-adapted contest can help competitors not only overcome mentally stressful situations in competition but also in everyday life. That is why Jitka would like to offer competitors a levelled and fair playing field by organizing the International Para Agility Open. These will be mediated by dividing the participants into seven divisions according to their handicap and into four subcategories proportional to the size of the dogs.

Words of the competition founder

I firmly believe in the slogan that “failure is a temporary condition and only becomes permanent when one finally gives up.” I aim to convey this life attitude throughout the competition to participants who may face challenges in their everyday activities but choose to overcome them by engaging in sports with their four-legged helpers.

Furthermore, I believe that through the atmosphere of this competition, we can recreate the times when we all enjoyed spending time together with friends and four-legged partners. I look forward to cheering each other on and sharing the emotional experience, regardless of the outcome.

See you in May, Jitka.