Last Updated on: March 11, 2024

Only teams with a handler with a disability, who is officially classified in their country in the para agility category, can participate in the competition. The handler must be able, except for the visually impaired participant, to complete the course without the assistance of an attendant. The attendant may assist the participant during the course walking and at the start (e.g. a place command or aligning the dog in front of the first obstacle, not holding and releasing the dog on the competitor’s command). Participants are divided according to their handicap as follows:

  • Division 1: Competitor in a powered wheelchair.
  • Division 2: Competitor in a mechanical wheelchair.
  • Division 3a: A competitor who is severely handicapped in the quality of their gait.
  • Division 3 b: A competitor who is moderately impaired in the quality of their gait.
  • Division 4: A competitor who has a mild impairment in the quality of gait.
  • Division 5: A competitor with a disability in hearing or vision.
    • It is permitted to use an artificial aid to navigate the dog in the absence of speech.
    • In the case of a visually impaired competitor, a collar (not a harness) with a bell is permitted if it does not prevent the dog from safely crossing the course.
    • A visually impaired competitor may have an attendant during the actual race run.
  • Division 6: A competitor with a handicap in another part of the body who is not restricted in movement or running.
  • Division 7: A competitor with an intellectual disability.

The competition will be open to the categories SMALL, MEDIUM, INTERMEDIATE and LARGE. Senior dogs may also participate. The Senior category is open to dogs that have reached their 8th year of age no later than the day of the race. Dogs in this category will run on reduced height jumps and their run will not include a See-Saw or Tire jump.

The results of the Seniors will be combined with the results of adult dogs of the same category in which the dog had been competing before moving to the Veteran category.

A Pair may be composed of teams from the same or two consecutive size categories (e.g. S + S, S + M, M + M, M + I, I + I, I + L, L + L). Teams from a pair will separately run the same course, each for their category. The pairs will then have their penalty points, time and disqualifications added together.

Height of jumps:
Adult dogs older than 18 monthsSenior dogs over 8 years
SMALL25 cm20 cm
MEDIUM40 cm30 cm
LARGE60 cm40 cm

Registration and Entry Fee

Registration is via the portal and it will be accepted after payment has been credited to:

IBAN: CZ0555000000003653370002


The name of the bank account owner, if needed, is Jitka Krejcarkova.

In the note to the recipient, please include the name of the handler, if you are paying for more than one person, please list all the names. Payment without this information may not be correctly attributed.

The closing date is the 10th of May, or when the capacity of 100 teams is reached.

For the first dog or senior80,- €
For the second dog or second senior68,- €

Participating conditions

The competition is held following the valid regulations of the KACR. Clinically healthy dogs with valid vaccinations over 18 months of age are allowed to participate. A protest can be lodged after depositing a deposit of CZK 500, which will be non-refundable in case of an unjustified protest.

Keeping cleanliness, movement of the dog on a leash and mutual courtesy in the area and its surroundings or compliance with the organizer’s instructions are taken for granted. The handler is responsible for the dog and any damage caused by it.

By paying the entry fee and participating in the race you agree to the following points (if you do not agree with points 1, 2 or 3, please inform us at the check-in):

  1. the storage of your data obtained by your registration for the race via;
  2. taking photographs, video footage of you, your dog, you and your dog; you also declare on your honour that you have consent to the taking of audiovisual footage of you and your possible attendant;
  3. publishing the results, video recordings and photos on the Facebook page of the event, on the organizer’s website or in the media, including the organizer’s promotional materials.


In case of an insufficient number of teams starting in a division, the organiser reserves the right not to open that division. At the same time, in the event of a small number of teams starting in a division, the size categories may be merged for awarding purposes.

Individual Competition and Total Individual Competition

Awards will be given for both Agility and Jumping to the top 3 places in each size category SMALL, MEDIUM and INTERMEDIATE combined with LARGE (Seniors see rules) regardless of the division.

Penalty points and time will be added together in the runs Agility and Jumping individuals. A team with a disqualification from one or both runs cannot be awarded. The top 3 places without disqualification in each division and for the SMALL, MEDIUM and INTERMEDIATE combined with LARGE categories will be awarded in the total. (Seniors see rules)

Pairs competition – total

The Agility and Jumping pairs combined will include the penalty points and time of both teams from the pair from both courses (4 runs combined). Pairs with disqualifications from one or more runs cannot be awarded. The top quarter of the finished pairs will be awarded regardless of category combination or division classification.